LUST and student associations


What is LUST?

LUST is short for Linköping University Student Unions and is a joint committee between StuFF, LinTek and Consensus which are the three student unions that operate at LiU.

What does LUST do?

LUST is first and foremost a a joint committe through which the student unions pursue shared matters towards the university and the municipalities and appoint student representatives at a central level at Linköpings university. LUST also works actively with housing issues and fights for good student housing in Linköping and Norrköping. LUST also takes a more general responsibility for student activities at LiU.

LUST also approve student associations at Linköping university. When your student association becomes LUST approved you can for example paint your symbol in märkesbacken, book rooms at LiU, participate at KALAS-mottagningen and a lot more.

What does it mean to be LUST approved?

To become a LUST approved association is to get a seal of approval on your student association which leads to certain privileges and commitments. You can read about these here. 

This means that LUST does not found new associations but approves already existing ones. You can read about starting a new association at Skatteverkets website. 

How to get your student association LUST approved

To become a LUST approved association you have to fulfill certain requirements. The requirements can be read here. Below we will explain some of the requirements further.

To be approved as a student association at Linköping university, LUST has a requirement that the total amount of students, alumni and employees at LiU need to be at least 51% of the associations total amount of members, as long as special reasons does not exist. This must be clarified in the by-laws of the association at the time of application and can only be changed by the associations request of exclusion from being a LUST approved association. 

Hold an annual meeting or formation meeting with your association. Make sure the meeting is minuted and that the protocol gets adjusted. The protocol from the formation meeting shall contain the name of the persons elected into the board and also the name of the signatory/signatories. The protocol shall be signed and adjusted. It shall also include a list of all the people attending the meeting.

Assign two contact persons for your association, of which one is usually the president of the association.

Applay by filling in this form. In the form, you must submit the protocol from your annual meeting or formation meeting along with the by-laws of your association, as well as a completed template with contact information to the contact persons. The template can be found here.

The LUST Board has application periods to collect applications and updates from student associations prior to board meetings. These periods are as follows:

w. 27 - 29
w. 36 - 37
w. 44 - 45
w. 4 - 5
w. 14 - 15
w. 22 - 23

After submitting your application you will be assigned a contact person from the LUST Board. If/when your application is complete, the LUST Board will contact LiU who approve your application. 


If you have any questions, please contact LUSTs President Max Björklund

Democratic and equal association

The student organization can only expect to become LUST approved if it is equal, which means that it does not question or go against the principles of equal value of all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, political views, gender or age. 

The student association shall be democratic which in this case means that it should have a board that is elected by the members and can be dismissed by the same. 

Handling of contact information

If you are a LUST approved student association, LUST will gather contact information from the association for LiU. LiU provides the list of the student association's information and distribute these to the student unions and Kårservice when necessary. These parties require the contact information to send out information about room bookings, storage renting and information regarding further benefits. 

Welcome to StuFF!

StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.

Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible and to let the students' voices be heard everywhere at the university!