Health and Support

Do you need someone to talk to? Are you looking for advice regarding your well-being and study situation? Do you want to know about insurance? Are you studying with special needs and looking for support? At this site we have gathered information and tips on where you can turn to find help in addition to the Student union´s activities.

Student Health Care Center (Studenthälsan)

The At LiU, there is a Student Health Care Center (Studenthälsan in Swedish), where you can turn to if you are feeling unwell. The Student Health Care Center offers, among other things, counseling and support from; curators, physiotherapists, doctoral nurses, conversational coaches and health coaches. You do not have to be a member of StuFF to get help from the Student Representatives or the Student Health Care Center.

Church on Campus

The student priests offer a variety of services, for example counseling regarding your existencial, mental or physical wellbeing. You are welcome regardless which philosophy or faith you follow. If you are looking for contact information to another religious organisation, they can help you. For more information please visit their website.


As a student in Sweden you are covered by personal injury insurance (called general student insurance). This insurance applies in Sweden during your time at campus and during travel to and from lectures, lessons, workshops etc.

International students studying in Sweden are also covered with a 24 h Personal Injury Insurance, this insurance is free of charge and valid only while you are in Sweden. If you want to read more about the insurance, please visit Kammarkollegiets’ website.

At Försäkringskassan you can read more about the Swedish social security system and what applies for you: Försäkringskassan website.
For general information about studying in Sweden, medical care and insurance for Foreign Students please visit Study in Sweden.

Studying with special needs

The University offers educational support to students with special needs and/or disabilities. Based on your disability, you can be entitled to different services. If you are in need of educational support you should make contact with the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at the University as soon as possible when applying to the University. You should also contact the student counsellor at the department that you’ll be attending and the coordinator for your exchange programme. For more information, please visit LiUs website.

Student Representatives

Freja Larsson
Freja LarssonStudent representative - Work environment & equal
StuFFs Student representative for work environment & equal terms is the central work environment representative and works together with the sections work environment representatives. If you have any questions regarding physical, social or organizational work environment, this is where you should contact.
Oscar Vines
Oscar VinesStudent representative - Educational affairs, Faculty of Arts &
If you study at the Faculty of Arts and sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the student representative for educational affairs - Faculty of Arts and sciences. You can also contact here if you are a doctoral student and have any questions regarding your education.
Kim Axelsson
Kim AxelssonStudent representative, Educational affairs - Educational
If you study in the field of educational sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the Student representative for educational affairs - educational sciences . You should also contact here if you are a doctoral student with questions.

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