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To keep track of all the rules at university is not always easy. Down below are some valuable facts that you should know.

Good to Know About Courses

Every programme and course are required to have an educational plan and a curriculum that the university has an obligation to follow.

Look at the course plan before the course starts, then you know what you can demand from the course.

You need to be given an opportunity to evaluate the course you read and present your views through the KURT Course Evaluation System (see more info below).

The examiner needs to hold a written review or submit a written solution after each written exam.

Do not forget to register on your courses so that you can attend your exams and get your credits.

Good to Know About Exams

You shall receive the result from a exam no later than 10 working days. 12 days after the exam, your grade must be reported in LADOK.

You shall receive the date for the re-exam by the regular exam.

You have the opportunity to request a new examiner for your third exam opportunity.

You can not appeal the grade on your examination. But you have the right to have it reconsidered, if there are clearly erroneous decisions.

Your examiner shall assess and rate your individual achievement - and thus be sure what you have done as an individual and not just your group.

The Course Evaluation system - KURT

After each completed course you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the course through the course evaluation system KURT at the student portal. To give feedback and influence over your education is a statutory right you have as a student. The results of KURT form the basis of the Student Union's impact work on how education can improve and it is therefore important that as many as possible complete the course evaluation forms.

Course Plans

Course plans are the legal documents between you and the university where the forms of the course are given. The course syllabus is based on the course's objectives, content, course literature, grades and how the course is to be examined. The university is required by law to comply with the syllabus. If you notice that your teacher does not follow the syllabus (e.g. replaces a take-home exam for a written exam), please respond and contact your Education Watcher or the student union.

Welcome to StuFF!

StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.

Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible and to let the students' voices be heard everywhere at the university!

Oscar Vines
Oscar VinesStudent representative - Educational affairs, Faculty of Arts &
If you study at the Faculty of Arts and sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the student representative for educational affairs - Faculty of Arts and sciences. You can also contact here if you are a doctoral student and have any questions regarding your education.
Kim Axelsson
Kim AxelssonStudent representative, Educational affairs - Educational
If you study in the field of educational sciences and have questions to the student union regarding your education or the quality of your education you can contact the Student representative for educational affairs - educational sciences . You should also contact here if you are a doctoral student with questions.

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