Christer Carlsson’s Memorial Fund


Christer Carlsson's memorial fund is managed by the three Student Unions at LiU: StuFF, LinTek and Consensus. It is aimed at students and relatives of students who need support in case of death and grief.


Why does the fund exist?

Christer Carlsson worked as student coordinator at Student Health Until his death on November 7, 2010, after a period of illness. Christer's support for individual students and various student organizations has over the years been invaluable and extremely appreciated and left behind a great loss.

One of Christer's wishes was to start up a fund for relatives of students who has passed away. The three student unions LinTek, Consensus and StuFF joined forces to fulfill Christer's wishes, and started the fund in his name. The unions want it to be a good way to let Christer's spirit live on at Linköping University. The fund is also for those who wish to organise events or the like in connection with death or crisis.

Application to the Fund

The fund is aimed at students, student groups or relatives of students at LiU who need support dealing with loss. More information for those who want to use the fund can be found here.

For application you need to fill out the following form. The form is handled by all Student Unions, and you therefore do not have to worry about Student Union affiliation. Payments are made on an ongoing basis during the year, but the processing time may vary during holiday periods. If you have any questions about the fund, please contact one of the Student Unions.

Payment to the Fund

Your gift will help us to continue to support students and relatives in crisis. To contribute to the fund, you can deposit a gift at bank giro: 5689-9974 with Kårservice as the recipient.

Who was Christer?

Christer was an important person for the student life in the beginning of LiU:s history until his death. For 22 years, Christer attended an average of 2 parties a week. It was thanks to him that the parties could be held at the university at all. In addition to his work involving parties, Christer also made enormous efforts for individual students who felt mentally unwell. Christer was simply a real enthusiast who has sacrificed many free evenings and weekends for us students.