Introduction Weeks

The introduction weeks are what make Linköping University famous. The student unions arrange introduction weeks for all new students in August and in January. The introduction weeks are called "nolle-p" in Swedish and consist of social activities so that all new students can make new friends and feel more at home at the campuses.

The student unions work together with the sections in order to arrange the introduction weeks. Each program has a section that puts its own twist on the introduction weeks. The unions also collaborate with ESN Linköping, which is the association that organizes a prolonged version of the introduction weeks, called "Welcome Period" which is targeted at all international students. The Welcome Period consists of social events, but also aims at orienting international students in Sweden and integrating them into the Swedish student culture. 

Welcome to StuFF!

StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.

Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible and to let the students' voices be heard everywhere at the university!


Elliott Larsson

Student welfare administrator - reception period & sections

Student welfare administrator for reception period & sections is responsible for the reception for all new students, study social issues and events as well as contact with the sections and agreements between StuFF and the sections.

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