Student Social Life

StuFF strives for a living and accessible student life in which everyone feel welcome regardless of interests or circumstances. We want the time outside the lecture hall to be at least as good as the lecture.

Student unions are the hub of Linköping and Norrköping's student life. Together with LinTek and Consensus, we own and operate the five Union houses in Norrköping and Linköping: Kårallen, Trappan, Kollektivet, [HG] and Örat. These offer both nightclubs, sittings, study places, pubs and possibility to book rooms for different events. As a member of a union, you become a partner to the houses and receive a discount on entries to the nightclubs.

Together with the other unions, we also own KOMBO, which is a free tenancy organization that helps with housing and accommodation booking. We also work to ensure that you have a good work environment, both physically and mentally. You can always turn to the Student Health Care Center, the Student Union or your section’s Work Environment Representative (AMO) if you feel bad.

Many students engage in student associations besides the studies that are an important part of student life at LiU. The associations deal with everything from theater to electronics to canoeing or politics. There is something for everyone in other words. Student unions are those who approve student associations for the purpose of doing business on the campus. The unions can also assist with support and assistance when needed.

Each term the Unions co-coordinates the famous introduction weeks, called the "Nolle period" or "Nolle-P". Nolle-P is a fun and hectic period where mentors (faddrar) guide new students between lectures, games, parties and other activities for the new students to get the best possible start. Our goal is that Linköping University will have Sweden's best reception.

studentlivet is an information platform that will facilitate and make information and study social activities available to all students at LiU.

Welcome to StuFF!

StuFF is the student union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Linköping University.

Our primary funcions are to work with educational rights and student welfare issues. We work to ensure that everything related to you studies will be as good as possible and to let the students' voices be heard everywhere at the university!

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