Board of directors

The ten person strong Board of Directors constitutes only a small portion of all the students actively involved in the student union's activities. The members of the Board of Directors are elected for a one year period with a transition occurring in the end of June. They are working full time at the student union and are paid a commission.

Office and opening hours

StuFF is established in Linköping, with offices in Kårallen at campus Valla. The board of directors have office hours 10 am to 3 pm during the week. On the whiteboards by our office doors you can find out if anyone from the board is out-of-office due to a meetinng. 

On thursdays the board works in Norrköping at Kårhuset Trappan, 10 am to 3 pm. 

Kårallen, campus valla, Linköping

Trappan, Norrköping


August Goldhahn
August GoldhahnPresident of the
Anika Ernvik
Anika ErnvikVice President of the
Tone Wernersson
Tone WernerssonCommunications
Johannes Stedt
Johannes StedtMember- and student representative

Educational affairs and student support

Deborah Traujtmann
Deborah Traujtmann Student representative Educational Affairs, Educational
Policarpio Bernerstedt
Policarpio BernerstedtStudent representative Educational Affairs, Faculty of Arts &
Natalia Tomczyk
Natalia TomczykStudent representative Work environment and equal
Erik Stiegler
Erik StieglerStudent welfare administrator - reception period &

Our friends

Linköpings kommun
Norrköping kommun

Contact us

Visiting address
Linköpings universitet
Campus Valla: Kårallen (third floor)
Campus Norrköping: Trappan (entrance level)

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